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Are Arsenal ‘Wanna be’ Champions?

The football season is over! Manchester United won the premier league and are gunning (no pun intended) for the Champions league, Chelsea are counting the costs by sacking Ancelotti, and Manchester City are celebrating their first trophy in 35 years after winning the FA Cup, not to mention their qualification to the group stage of Champions league for the first time in ….hang on …ever! Where are Arsenal? My beloved gunners are not gunning for anything (this pun is intended!).

Indeed you guessed it! This is a rant by a heart-broken, frustrated, hide-your- face-away-and-don’t-talk -when- the- big-boys-are-talking Arsenal fan!

I suffered throughout the season, because even when Arsenal were doing well at the beginning of the season I had this knot in the pit of my stomach anytime we played feeling that something would go wrong. I even took the superstitious precaution of not watching them play in case I jinxed them. But  of course something did go wrong! At the hands of the now relegated Birmingham who walked away with, let’s face it the not exactly sought after Carling cup, leaving Arsenal with yet another season without a single trophy.

Much has been reviewed, analysed and postulated about why Arsenal haven’t won anything in so long and the theories run from, not having a winning back four + goalie after Vermaelen got injured, to a lack of leadership on the pitch.

But what I haven’t heard ( perhaps because no one wants to say it) is that Arsenal just don’t have a winning mentality. Listening to Arsene Wenger after Arsenal’s last match, you hear the complacency, Arsenal are content to be in the top four –  there in lies the problem.

People who have a winning mentality, don’t rely on their talent alone to see them through, they use everything they have at their disposal to make sure they win, and then they have a trophy to show  as evidence of that talent! Manchester United didn’t rely on talent alone (of course they couldn’t because it was somewhat lacking this season) they get the job done and my only hope now is that they get beaten by Barcelona in the Champion’s League final.

I know that’s mean, but I’m feeling mean after all the disappointments of this season and although it’s an English team against a Spanish team at Wembley, I’m a gunner for life and cannot support any other team under any circumstances and definitely not Manchester United.

My hope as a gunner is that the management team have seen the error of their ways and realise that anything that does not grow, must die, if Arsenal don’t start gunning soon, they’ll run out of ammunition!


About Gillian King

Passionate about being black, British, Christian and a Londoner,(not necessarily in that order). Other passions flow from this, football, politics and smiling! I write what I'm passionate about.


One thought on “Are Arsenal ‘Wanna be’ Champions?

  1. I agree with you my sister – change is inevitable but a strong driving force is needed to push Arsene Wenger and the management in the right direction

    Posted by KUW | 24 August 2011, 8:55 am

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