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Political Intrigue – The Qualities of a Leader

On a fairly dreary Sunday evening, after dismal Sunday afternoon, on which my beloved Gunners were thrashed 8-2, I settled down for some prime time television and decided on BBC’s spy thriller Page Eight. I must admit that my ulterior motive for this was that I could miss Match of the Day on BBC1 which … Continue reading

Communication in Business

It’s often said that the greatest fear people admit to is that of public speaking.  Yet it never ceases to amaze me the number of people who are willing to conquer this fear just to communicate the ideas they are passionate about. Most business people are passionate, about their product, invention or service.  Their passion … Continue reading

Archbishop ‘Predicts’ Riots

The dust has settled and London has returned to a semblance of normal.  The political discussion is peppered with political point scoring. The right say it’s because of broken and ‘sick’ people having no respect and the left say it’s because the government are no longer giving handouts. There are a myriad of theories, from … Continue reading

We All Want To live Forever…..

It’s my 45th birthday tomorrow and I stop (as one does) to take stock and think about my life; what I’ve achieved, my triumphs and failures and how the rest is looking to shape up. I must admit to thinking I have had quite an interesting life and while I’ve had many challenges and can’t say that … Continue reading

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