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Easter and the Eggs

Easter is fast approaching and as a Christian, I can’t help but be excited! I know it’s lent and we are supposed to be sober-minded, following in the footsteps of Christ and fasting for 40 days, or in my case trying to give up pork, but I just have that sense of anticipation and hope that Easter … Continue reading

Black People at the Lake….

I love to travel and I have always had  wander lust  in my soul.  That’s why last week when a friend was generous enough to invite me along on a trip to the Lake District, I was thrilled!  It was a surprise and I only found out where we were going once we got to Euston station and … Continue reading

Motherhood is Sacrifice

Mothering Sunday is a wonderful day for mothers.  The community celebrates and  acknowledges the sacrifice mothers make for their children.  We all bask in the attention, accept the flowers, gifts and chocolates offered graciously because we all like to be acknowledged for what we do. For my part, I found that I was always moved … Continue reading

Child Poverty: An Ethnic Minority Perspective

I’ve had poverty on the mind now for a few weeks, ever since I attended ResPublica’s conference of Child poverty.  With International Women’s Day still on my mind, and mother’s day coming up next week, another phrase that resonates is ‘The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.’  A very empowering statement and in … Continue reading

Women of Faith

Women have been very prominent in the consciousness lately.  It was International women’s Day on Thursday, 8 March and next Sunday, 18 March is Mother’s Day. I don’t profess to be a feminist, not that feminism is a bad thing.  It’s just that I, like most women, would just like to be appreciated and accepted … Continue reading

International Women’s Day

I was having a casual conversation with a guy earlier today and he suddenly threw the phrase ‘angry black woman’ at me.  I think he was trying chat me up (that’s neither here nor there) and I wasn’t angry at the time which was why I was somewhat taken aback. ‘Angry black woman?!’ I said, rather incredulous … Continue reading

Living By Faith Builds Confidence

Most people who know me, I think, would describe me as a confident person,  maybe even cocky. Today after I listened to the sermon at All Souls, Langham place, I questioned the source of that confidence. I am a well-educated, erudite, intelligent person who knows something about most things. I had a fairly innocuous upbringing, … Continue reading

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