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IF Campaign

Saturday, June 8 was a beautiful day. The best summer’s day we had had in a while. So it felt like God was smiling on us for the IF campaign. Some 45,000 people came together in Hyde Park to let the G8 and David Cameron know that we think it’s unacceptable that so many people, including 22,000 children a day, die from starvation. What’s worse is that this is not because there is not enough food for everyone, but because of political decisions about how wealth is distributed by governments.

So a few of us got together to let the G8 and David Cameron know how we feel about it.

What was so encouraging was how effective it was. There was a greater pledge to eradicate poverty and the issue will not be ignored by the powers that be even if they want to.


On the way to Hyde Park!

The campaign was supported by many charities like Christian Aid, Tearfund, Cafod, many churches and other charities. At the rally the speakers included Bill Gates, Danny Boyle and David Harewood (of Homeland).

It just goes to show what can be done when we all get together to demand change.

We all did it together and we had fun, the great, the good and little old me!




About Gillian King

Passionate about being black, British, Christian and a Londoner,(not necessarily in that order). Other passions flow from this, football, politics and smiling! I write what I'm passionate about.


4 thoughts on “IF Campaign

  1. Great fun, and a very good cause! Glad to be there with you! XxX

    Posted by Shade Olutobi | 9 June 2013, 4:15 pm
  2. It was certainly a day to remember! Thanks for letting me tag along and for stopping by! xxxx

    Posted by Gillian king | 9 June 2013, 4:40 pm
  3. Well done you!

    Posted by Bola | 18 April 2015, 3:52 pm

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