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International Women’s Day

I was having a casual conversation with a guy earlier today and he suddenly threw the phrase ‘angry black woman’ at me.  I think he was trying chat me up (that’s neither here nor there) and I wasn’t angry at the time which was why I was somewhat taken aback. ‘Angry black woman?!’ I said, rather incredulous … Continue reading

Racism – Where Are We Now?

While writing my first book, a memoir on what it’s like to be black and British, I was carrying out an exercise I learnt while studying for my law degree. My law lecturer had taught me that to write a relevant essay in answer to an exam question, I had to always ask myself, ‘Why am … Continue reading

Archbishop ‘Predicts’ Riots

The dust has settled and London has returned to a semblance of normal.  The political discussion is peppered with political point scoring. The right say it’s because of broken and ‘sick’ people having no respect and the left say it’s because the government are no longer giving handouts. There are a myriad of theories, from … Continue reading

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