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International Women’s Day @ King’s College London

You know the thing; scrolling down emails at work on a Wednesday afternoon, checking to make sure I hadn’t missed anything of vital importance before I go ‘off duty’. Since I work part-time at the HR department at Heythrop College, University of London, I try to make sure my work has a rhythm to it … Continue reading

Writing As a Virtue

According to the acclaimed writer Chinua Achebe, whose book, Home and Exile I just read; to be a writer, you must have a story to tell, the passion to tell it and the perseverence to tell it no matter what. He says that because writing is hard graft, you must persevere through the hard times, … Continue reading

An Evenning With Noah Stewart

It was a brilliantly hot, summer day in London, a rare feature of British weather most of the time, but even more so recently, as I found myself having to wear a coat in May! It was a good reason to be cheerful when the temperature climbed and kept climbing all day, but alas, I … Continue reading

Black Singer Tops UK Classical Charts

I was browsing through my twitter feed the other day when I suddenly spotted a retweet from the Royal Opera House (Yes, I follow them as I love opera and all things classical, I’m out of the closet!). The retweet was from an up and coming black tenor announcing that his debut album, Noah, had … Continue reading

Black People at the Lake….

I love to travel and I have always had  wander lust  in my soul.  That’s why last week when a friend was generous enough to invite me along on a trip to the Lake District, I was thrilled!  It was a surprise and I only found out where we were going once we got to Euston station and … Continue reading

How Did the News Events of 2011 Affect You? – C4 Competition

This is my entry… ‘No news is good news,’ they say, so by that premise, it must be true that the headlines are always full of bad news as there is always plenty of it! I suppose the death of Joanna Yeates on reported Christmas Day 2010 should’ve been the clue as to what sort … Continue reading

Welcome to New York! – Images By Flashade

In times gone by, when a good friend or family member goes on a trip, you get a post card: But when my good friend went to New York on holiday recently, it was a treat for me as well, even though I was in London and had never been to New York!  Thanks to … Continue reading

It’s Official: Art Makes You Happy!

I went with a few friends to the Untitled Artists’ Fair yesterday.  I had been looking forward to it for weeks and as the weather was lovely on Saturday, I was in no doubt that I would be in for a lovely day out. It started well enough, a lovely service at All Souls, Langham … Continue reading

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