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International Women’s Day @ King’s College London

You know the thing; scrolling down emails at work on a Wednesday afternoon, checking to make sure I hadn’t missed anything of vital importance before I go ‘off duty’. Since I work part-time at the HR department at Heythrop College, University of London, I try to make sure my work has a rhythm to it … Continue reading

IF Campaign

Saturday, June 8 was a beautiful day. The best summer’s day we had had in a while. So it felt like God was smiling on us for the IF campaign. Some 45,000 people came together in Hyde Park to let the G8 and David Cameron know that we think it’s unacceptable that so many people, … Continue reading

What IF…

I’m no utopian but l often wonder what the world would be like If….. For instance, if we all lived within our means. If the haves did not despise the have nots and shared their wealth more readily. What would the world be like if the have nots did not spend so much time wanting … Continue reading

Christmas Day Politics

Christmas is always a joyful time for me with its traditions: carol services, cards, presents, meeting friends for lunch and looking forward to a restful and quiet couple of days in front of the telly after much eating and drinking. Oh and there’s a lot of talking on the phone and Skype with my far … Continue reading

‘Oh No! Not Human Trafficking Again!’

Earlier in the week I was at Westminster Hall, where I was listening to the Wilberforce Address, organised annually by the Conservative Christian Fellowship (CCF). The address, given this year by the Foreign Office Minister, Alistair Burt, was so powerfully thought provoking that I decided to write about it after all! I tweeted earlier in … Continue reading

Polling Day: How Democracy Works

I’ve just come back from the polling station where I cast my vote for the London Assembly and Mayoral elections. I feel very strongly about voting and I’m not really sure why, except that we are all the sum of our parts and my life experiences have led me to a place where I feel privilege, power … Continue reading

Charles Colson – A Life Less Ordinary

We all strive to live an extraordinary life.  Christian or not, we all want to have a legacy that challenges, inspires and awes people long after we are dead. People often find extraordinary ways to achieve this with mixed results. As a Christian, I find inspiration from the extraordinary lives of Biblical characters and it … Continue reading

Mayoral Hustings at St James’ Piccadilly

It was a dreary, wet evening as I walked through the streets of London to St James’ in Piccadilly.  You know the type portrayed in Hollywood movies, wet, grey, everyone hurrying to their destination under an umbrella, so it’s impossible to make eye contact with anyone even if you wanted to. Even though it was a … Continue reading

Mayoral Election – A Voter’s Perspective

The Mayoral election is fast approaching and all I can say is that I’m happy the run up to it is nothing like the US Presidential elections. Although last week, while I was leafing through the Evening Standard, I came across a story that was at once comical and infuriating!  It was widely reported last … Continue reading

Child Poverty: An Ethnic Minority Perspective

I’ve had poverty on the mind now for a few weeks, ever since I attended ResPublica’s conference of Child poverty.  With International Women’s Day still on my mind, and mother’s day coming up next week, another phrase that resonates is ‘The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.’  A very empowering statement and in … Continue reading

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