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IF Campaign

Saturday, June 8 was a beautiful day. The best summer’s day we had had in a while. So it felt like God was smiling on us for the IF campaign. Some 45,000 people came together in Hyde Park to let the G8 and David Cameron know that we think it’s unacceptable that so many people, … Continue reading

What IF…

I’m no utopian but l often wonder what the world would be like If….. For instance, if we all lived within our means. If the haves did not despise the have nots and shared their wealth more readily. What would the world be like if the have nots did not spend so much time wanting … Continue reading

Sports Lessons For Christians

It’s been an incredible summer for sports in Britain and the best is yet to come (we hope) with the Olympics just around the corner.  I enjoy sports enormously, more watching than playing, but still, sport is very enjoyable and I’m sure participating, even as a spectator adds to quality of life and community, which … Continue reading

Christians Facing Issues – Depression

I really can’t believe how time flies! Even though I didn’t write on this blog throughout June, I did write a couple of posts on my new blog which is all about writing my autobiography. As with all new ventures, it has some teething issues but here I am, back on my original blog, keeping up my … Continue reading

You Be The Judge

In his book Mere Christianity, CS Lewis, talks about the Law of Human Nature.  He asserts that we all know instinctively, what is right and what is wrong, but unlike the law of nature (gravity, genetics etc) we have a choice as to whether we obey it. Anybody who has ever heard anyone say,’But that’s … Continue reading

Christians Ought Always to Pray

It has not been a terribly good week for me. I’ve not been feeling too well, which often gets me down and the worst of that is that I was unable to go to church today which is always a source of comfort. Add to that the seemingly endless depressing headlines and it makes for … Continue reading

Charles Colson – A Life Less Ordinary

We all strive to live an extraordinary life.  Christian or not, we all want to have a legacy that challenges, inspires and awes people long after we are dead. People often find extraordinary ways to achieve this with mixed results. As a Christian, I find inspiration from the extraordinary lives of Biblical characters and it … Continue reading

Mayoral Hustings at St James’ Piccadilly

It was a dreary, wet evening as I walked through the streets of London to St James’ in Piccadilly.  You know the type portrayed in Hollywood movies, wet, grey, everyone hurrying to their destination under an umbrella, so it’s impossible to make eye contact with anyone even if you wanted to. Even though it was a … Continue reading

What is Success Anyway?….

One thing that challenges me constantly as a Christian is living in a world that measures success materially.  Regardless of how sophisticated, spiritual or ’emotionally intelligent’ we are, we are all impressed by material success.  I don’t just mean money, although that of course is the obvious, I mean a tangible way in which we … Continue reading

The Resurrection of Christ – What Does it Mean?

This Easter has been very inspiring for me. It brings optimism, new beginnings, community, love, friendship and creativity. I know this seems anachronistic in this commercialised era we live in, but the fact is spiritually and materially, Easter means new life. It should be obvious since, resurrection means defeating death.  Christ’s resurrection means victory over … Continue reading

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