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Sports Lessons For Christians

It’s been an incredible summer for sports in Britain and the best is yet to come (we hope) with the Olympics just around the corner.  I enjoy sports enormously, more watching than playing, but still, sport is very enjoyable and I’m sure participating, even as a spectator adds to quality of life and community, which … Continue reading

Racism In Football – Musings of a Black Briton

Last Saturday afternoon, the recent saga of racism in football continued, with Luis Suarez, the Liverpool  player who racially abused Patrice Evra of Manchester United, refusing to shake hands with him. Alan Shearer on Match of the day said of the unsporting behaviour, ‘It’s a bad day for football, it’s a bad day for the … Continue reading

Champions League Final: Barca v ManU

OMG!!! What a final. What skill, precision and pace. Manchester United are no match for Barcelona and I’m so happy, at last I can end this season on a high note. I know it’s not considered sporting to delight in another’s defeat, especially an English team at Wembley, but I can’t contain myself. Clive Tyldesley, … Continue reading

Are Arsenal ‘Wanna be’ Champions?

The football season is over! Manchester United won the premier league and are gunning (no pun intended) for the Champions league, Chelsea are counting the costs by sacking Ancelotti, and Manchester City are celebrating their first trophy in 35 years after winning the FA Cup, not to mention their qualification to the group stage of … Continue reading

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