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Boxing Day Strike – Negotiation or Blackmail?

There is always a strange anti-climax to Christmas! Never was this more obvious than when ASLEF called a strike on boxing day over a dispute on pay. The strike caused widespread disruption, as people lamented the damage caused to the boxing day sales and the undoubted effect that would have on the businesses that depend … Continue reading

For Unto Us a Child is Born

It’s Christmas again and before you know it, the hustle and bustle is well and truly underway! There are parties, carol concerts, shopping and a myriad of things to get through, as well as normal everyday life. Before long, you are caught up in the whole thing with hardly any time to think let alone … Continue reading

The Iron Lady – A Must-See Film

As the night drew in, it was raining slightly and so I thought I would have a bit of a rest before I carried on with my latest project. It was towards the end of quite a tiring week and  I was dosing on the sofa. All of a sudden my BB went off and I … Continue reading

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