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An Evenning With Noah Stewart

It was a brilliantly hot, summer day in London, a rare feature of British weather most of the time, but even more so recently, as I found myself having to wear a coat in May! It was a good reason to be cheerful when the temperature climbed and kept climbing all day, but alas, I … Continue reading

Reflections of an Aspiring Writer

I’ve recently missed a couple of my posting days, last week Thursday and Sunday, due to illness. So though this is an out of time post, I hope my followers will forgive me and enjoy my reflections. I’m reflecting on the fact that it’s almost exactly a year since I started this blog and I’m … Continue reading

You Be The Judge

In his book Mere Christianity, CS Lewis, talks about the Law of Human Nature.  He asserts that we all know instinctively, what is right and what is wrong, but unlike the law of nature (gravity, genetics etc) we have a choice as to whether we obey it. Anybody who has ever heard anyone say,’But that’s … Continue reading

Polling Day: How Democracy Works

I’ve just come back from the polling station where I cast my vote for the London Assembly and Mayoral elections. I feel very strongly about voting and I’m not really sure why, except that we are all the sum of our parts and my life experiences have led me to a place where I feel privilege, power … Continue reading

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